I have just found a short article of Killeen that appears to be a rejoinder to comments on his original p-rep paper. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find the comments to which Killeen is responding, but it appears, from the rejoinder (Error and Correction section), that the fundamental error that I referred to has been pointed out in one of the comments, Doros and Geier. It also seems that another comment by Macdonald pointed out that Killeen’s claim that “the probability of replication” can be calculated without knowing the unknown parameter of the distribution cannot be true.

Somehow, p-rep survived these issues. Superficially, this seems incredible. The entire analysis and rationale given by Killeen for p-rep in his original paper rest on an argument that was discovered to be wrong, and yet the ideas presented by that paper are still considered worth discussing, and even gain official support by the publishing establishment.

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