Carbon inequality

November 24, 2007

Using US Energy Information Administration data for the year 2005, I have created a Lorenz curve for the world emissions of C02. The associated Gini coefficient is about 45%.

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Gore’s Nobel prize win was an opportunity to tackle again some AGW issues. It was a much better opportunity to rally the troops again, and divide the world again into the pro-Gore camp and anti-Gore camp. It turns out that seeing AGW as a top priority issue puts you in the pro-Gore camp, at which point you have to justify anything Gore does – from Gore’s personal behavior (namely, what appears to be the Gore household’s high energy intensity), to Gore’s approach to tackling AGW (namely, what appears to be a purely technological approach, with an emphasis on Carbon-offsets).

The with-us-or-against-us attitude goes so far as to support obviously absurd carbon offset schemes, and suggesting that it is somehow reasonable to normalize energy consumption by home size.

My attempt to disentangle the bundle of positions associated with the pro-Gore camp, and to elicit responses on substantive issues concerning AGW mitigation policies remained unaddressed. As always, the points made by members of the anti-Gore camp were discussed at length (albeit, with hostility).